Easy UX

Web apps like WOC are just easy to use. How can I achieve the same for Ema apps?

2021-12-31 23:10:42.361 UTC

Brilliant idea. VSCode extensions are like mini-apps in themselves. VSCode exposes their ‘callbacks’ via app URIs, which can be linked to from HTML pages. I wrote a VSCode extension for Banayan that accepts two invocations:

  • Edit parent
  • New node (under another parent)

This takes care the rest of the Ema workflow for me – creating new nodes under an existing parent, and editing nodes. Good enough for now.

2021-12-30 21:22:27 UTC

VSCode supports URL handler to open files, eg: vscode://file<path> - clicking which will open that file in VSCode. This is enough to add ‘edit this node’ links in Banyon. See https://github.com/microsoft/vscode-docs/blob/main/docs/editor/command-line.md#opening-vs-code-with-urls


  • It doesn’t automatically open the parent project folder
  • Have to use Brave, rather than Safari, to prevent future “Open?” prompts for vscode:
    • On the plus side, this would allow Banyon to be made a ‘chrome app’
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