Thoughts on using Banyon for actual stuff.

2022-01-16 14:52:36.422 UTC

Markdown Demo

Commonmark should work with the usual extensions.


You can have sub-headings and more.


This works too.

Inline styling

You can italic, bold, or monospace.

Block styling

Blockquotes work.

Code blocks too:

module Main where
main = print 42
2021-12-30 21:19:23 UTC

Web apps like WOC are just easy to use. How can I achieve the same for Ema apps?

2021-12-29 00:56:28 UTC

There are two ways to deploy Banyon sites:

  • GitHub Pages (statically) … or
  • run the ‘live server’ in a VPS with Syncthing doing the sync.

The latter is interesting for quick updates, but former is rather lightweight to maintain multiple sites without worrying about deployment and maintenance (not to mention security).

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