Data Model

Modeling the structure of Banyan data, and its evolution over time. Banyan nodes form a tree structure, but are there anything else we do with it?



The idea behind “folding”1 is this. Over time, the stream of thoughts may grow unboundedly. In future, these streams are often a nuissance – as they would just be long lists of thought dump with no summarizing element to it. What we need here is insights, as gleaned from these streams over time. Hence, “folding” - as if a lengthy stream is “folded” to represent more permanent nuggets of information that can be consulted often.

How can Bayan facilitate this model?

  • When we summarize a stream, the summary should replace the stream, while still leaving the stream in place (hidden) and linked.

  1. For the origination of this idea, see↩︎



A node is a “bag” if its children have no assigned data, ie., it is a “bag” of other nodes in no particular order. It does not represent a timeline, like other non-leaf nodes.

Example: [[WV0z0FUpk09RL]] is a bag.

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